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COVID-19 Global Relief Fund Disclosure

COVID-19 Disclosure

Urgent help needed for those impacted during the COVID19 crisis

Over the past week, United Sphere has heard from several individuals in Honduras regarding the urgent need for food.  The country is on a lockdown complete with roadblocks between every major city.  We have also heard from local people who want to help in this time of need.  We have identified several churches that would be great resources for “safely” assembling volunteers to package and distribute food items and address concerns for those with the greatest needs.  We also have the capability to add additional partners around the globe should the need grow.  The need is urgent as most families live on the daily income they receive.  Our desire is to use extreme caution as to not spread the virus any further yet empower churches and individuals to address these immediate needs.  A gift of $50 could feed a family of four for 2 weeks!  Our desire is to raise $20,000 to help those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  Giving can be done online at www.unitedsphere.org or by mail at the address on our home page.


Current List of COVID19 Relief Organizations:

  • Vida Abundante – Throughout Honduras
  • Chosen Generation Ministry - Comayagua
  • Avance Misionero – Comayagua
  • This list may be added to or modified by the United Sphere board

Funds raised; Funds sent:

  • 100% of funds received will go towards international COVID19 relief efforts.
  • While we anticipate the large majority of these funds will be used to purchase food for distribution or address medical needs, some funds will be needed for transportation, wire transfer fees or expenses related to the distribution.
  • If for some reason there is a fund surplus after the COVID19 crisis, remaining funds will be used exclusively to provide food or medical funds for those in need. United Sphere’s board of directors will determine where funds will be donated.

United Sphere Criteria:

In keeping with our vision and mission to have a positive impact on future generation bringing hope, opportunity and purpose to those in need, we will empower individuals to be catalysts for positive change through partner organizations where the need is great. Our criteria for assisting organizations in this emergency are as follows:

  • COVID19 Relief Organizations use the utmost care in the purchasing, packing and distributing food items to those in need. This includes healthy practices of hand washing, safe distance, clean and sanitary packing areas, use of masks if possible.
  • COVID19 Relief Organizations use and empower healthy volunteers in the process of providing emergency relief.
  • COVID19 Relief Organizations first seek out those in the most at risk and in extreme need for food, medical treatment or COVID19 related help.
  • COVID19 Relief Organizations should strive to be the best stewards of the resources provided by obtaining all goods and services at reasonable prices.
  • COVID19 Relief Organizations will be responsible for providing a list of expenses and receipts to reconcile with the funds sent.
  • COVID19 Relief Organizations will provide feedback (and pictures when possible) to United Sphere on volunteer and recipient stories when available.
  • COVID19 Relief Organizations must be reputable registered organizations in good standing in the state or country where they are located.
  • United Sphere will do its best to provide funds to organizations based on urgency, need and contribution designation.
  • Although currently focused in Honduras, United Sphere may add additional COVID19 Relief Organizations locally and around the world.
  • This list may be modified or added to by the United Sphere board.

For Questions or Additional Information

Please contact United Sphere

By Phone: *616.345.0441*

By E-mail: info@unitedsphere.org

By Mail: PO Box 140592, Grand Rapids, MI  49514