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Upcoming Trips

Business/Health - 05/15/2019 thru 05/19/2019

Yamaranguila, Honduras

We are looking for people to help in the following areas:
Business: We're looking for some volunteers to help teach marketing principles to students at a bilingual school. We hope to actually make and sell a product as part of our project with the students. For most Hondurans, the only way to climb out of poverty is to own a business. Let’s equip them while they are young!
Health: We need a few people to focus on medical needs in the community. This group will visit homes and determine needs that need to be addressed by the local church and future teams. This is a great opportunity to help ensure kids grow up in healthy homes!




In many countries, if you don’t own your own business, your earning a very low wage and barely making ends meet.  United Sphere is working hard to change that by working with partners and schools to teach basic entrepreneurialism to adults and students.  Having basic business and financial knowledge can move a family out of poverty.


Health issues in developing countries can impact the chances of a family climbing out of poverty.  Diseases from not having clean water, proper sanitation, correctly vented stoves or protection from Mosquito-borne illnesses can cause family members to be absent from work and spend needed funds on medical bills rather than food or shelter.  United Sphere is addressing and educating people on preventable diseases in their communities.


Quality education helps open the door to greater possibilities and opportunities.  United Sphere invests in schools that provide high quality education that equips students to be men and women of integrity and demonstrate servant leadership in their communities.  We place a high value on working with schools that have a holistic mindset and desire to have a positive impact on students as well as their families.


In Matthew 28, Jesus tells us to go make disciples that obey His commandments.  We invest in churches that equip people to make disciples that live out God’s word in their communities.  Together, we develop servant leaders and provide opportunities for people to use their gifts, talents, skills and resources to restore our broken world.