Who We Are


Catalysts for Positive Change

United Sphere was formed in 2017 to bring hope, opportunity and purpose to those in need by empowering individuals to invest in future generations.  We accomplish this through building strong families, investing in quality education and mobilizing effective healthy churches.  By concentrating on family, education and spiritual growth, we help families live healthier lives, have sustainable income levels, educate children and have a clear understanding of God’s purpose for their lives.  We work to provide positive environments for children to learn, grow, dream, lead and give back to their community.  Our investment in upcoming generations will help provide bright futures filled with hope, opportunity and purpose!



To have a positive impact on the trajectory of future generations – bringing hope, opportunity and purpose to those in need.


To empower individuals to be catalysts for positive change.


Our strategy is quite simple.  We carefully search for indigenous global partners where God is at work using their ministry to have a significant positive impact on families, education and disciple making in their communities.   We work together to develop a partnership plan that will “add fuel” to their existing work in their community.  From that plan, United Sphere searches for volunteers and resources needed to have an even greater impact.  We value a “knowledge exchange” environment where everyone learns and instructs as we serve together.



Brian Kamstra

director | president

Brian serves as United Sphere’s President and Executive Director.  Brian brings over 25 years of experience in local and global missions.  He is passionate about developing leaders, encouraging people in their spiritual journey and investing in long term sustainable solutions that attack the root causes for people living in poverty.  Using his business degree, Brian has started several small businesses and worked in various managerial / operational roles before eventually deciding to use his gifts in church ministry.  In 2017, Brian started United Sphere with a vision to have a positive impact on the trajectory of future generations.  Brian and his wife Nancy have been married for 24 years and have two children, Bryce and Brittany.

Richard Campbell

director | vice president | treasurer

Richard serves as United Sphere's Vice President and Treasurer.

Rob Waalkes

director | secretary

Rob serves as United Sphere’s Secretary.  Rob and Brian have served together in Honduras numerous times and they have known each other for the past 7 years.  He has a degree in mechanical engineering and has worked in the automotive industry for 18 years. Rob has a deep desire to see people living into their full potential and experiencing a joy-filled life knowing they are valued. He has spent many years mentoring and is currently working toward becoming a licensed chaplain. Rob has three children, Lexi who is currently studying Dietetics and Nutrition, Austin who enjoys playing hockey and hunting, and Zariya who enjoys gymnastics and playing hockey.